Custom-Made Split Steel Pulleys in Canada

Often, manufacturing and industrial work involves using metal pieces, like a split steel pulley. If your company needs a unique pulley, you may feel out of luck. You are not! Valley City Metals is able to craft custom-made split steel pulleys to be the exact size and have the correct capabilities that you need. Let Valley City Metals show you just how top-notch our split steel pulleys are. We have over 60 years serving agriculture industries and more with split steel pulleys that are used as low-speed belt-shafting pulleys and replaceable parts for conveyors.

The split steel pulley was invented to address the many problems that have made traditional pulleys less-than-functional. They are stronger, more balanced, lighter weight, and feature multiple hub designs to make adjustments and removal and reinstallation simple. Split steel pulleys provide for increased strength, reliability and reduced wear on drive systems. Not only that, but they are more cost-effective. This is because they allow you to be more productive, and the earnings add up fast. However, if your split steel pulley isn’t sized just right you won’t get any of these benefits. What you need is a split steel pulley custom-made to exactly your needs, something only Valley City Metal can provide for the companies of Canada.

For the best quality in split steel pulleys for your industry, made exact to your specifications, contact Valley City Metal right away. We produce a variety of custom split steel pulley devices for many diverse industries, including yours. These industries include, but are not limited to, conveyors, casters, automotive, agriculture, and construction. Reach out to Valley City Metals today with any questions you have or to order custom split steel pulleys. Of course, we manufacture other needs parts for your assembly line as well. Call us at (231) 861-2107 or email to bring us in for your project.