Customized Steel Stampings

Metal stamping is the manufacturing process in which a strip of sheet metal is fed through one or more die and tool sets to apply pressure, re-forming and cutting the piece into a desired shape. The result is perfect electronic connectors, sensor components, thrust washers, surface mount pins, transfer stampings, heatsinks, medical components, and printer cartridge blades- each and every time. If you are in manufacturing or other related industries, you know how important it is that these steel stampings be precise to your specifications. That is why so many customers come to Valley City Metals for custom steel stampings. This serves a multitude of applications, such as:

  • Farm Implements
  • Garage Doors
  • Conveyors
  • After-Market and OEM Suspension
  • OEM Automotive
  • Furniture

We rely on our expert design and development services for your components, allowing us to offer you a huge range, from micro-miniature parts to large, intricate components. This is how Valley City Metal Products, Inc. fulfills both your mass production demands and customized orders. Pricing level is based on quantity, but it will always be the lowest you will find in the industry. We produce spacers and bushings, steel stampings, pulleys, fabrication, assemblies, and cut to length tubing for a variety of industries including agriculture, automotive, and construction. We provide you with a quick, no-obligation quote that fits your needs.

Need it faster? Ask about our expedited shipping solutions! Let our Stocking Programs and Just-In-Time Shipments help control your inventory. Contact us by calling (231) 861-2107 or emailing and we can discuss your need for custom steel stampings, plus how we can be the solution.