High-Quality Split Spacers in Detroit, MI

Spacers are components that are used to separate or maintain space between two items- exactly what they sound like. Not all spacers are the same, though. Split spacers can be made from metals including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, and bronze. As well, the company who manufactures your split spacers matters as well, because you need someone who values quality. For those in Detroit, this company is Valley City Metals. We are a custom manufacturer of split spacers and specialize in precision CNC and screw machining of metal components and parts for a wide range industries. Whatever your need for a split spacer, we can do it!

For the best quality in split spacers for your Detroit-area company, made exact to your specifications, contact Valley City Metal right away. We produce a variety of custom devices for many diverse industries, including yours. These industries include, but are not limited to, conveyors, casters, automotive, agriculture, and construction. Valley City Metal produces spacers to use as bolt collars, bolt spacers, or bolt sleeves that provide protection and alignment for the bolts and the mating parts and can be used also to separate wheels, plates, and other parts.

Reach out to Valley City Metals today with any questions you have or to order custom split spacers. Of course, we manufacture other needed parts for your assembly line as well, including pulleys, bushings, and much more. Call us at (231) 861-2107 or email valleycitymetals@valleycitymetalproducts-7e3f7f.ingress-erytho.ewp.live to bring us in for your project.