Learn More About our 6 Types of Products

Here at Valley City Metal Products, we take pride in producing and shipping the exact metal products that companies like you need. Everything we manufacturer of of the highest quality and at much lower costs than our competitors. Our product offerings include:

#1 Spacers and Bushings
Here at Valley City Metal Products, we produce the best split steel spacers, spacer tubes, and bushings for your industry for use on conveyors, casters, and other automotive, agriculture, and construction applications.

#2 CNC Lathe Turning
We also produce precision-built CNC-turned parts for use as tooling components, bushings, adapters, threaded inserts and one-off products. Regardless of your industry, these machines can greatly help your processes.

#3 Bolts, Nuts, and Washers
It’s hard to think of an industry that does not need high quality bolts, nuts, and washers. Our bolt, nut and washer assemblies are produced with hydraulic presses and innovative tooling designed to reduce set-up times while providing quality parts. The reduce setup time allows us to produce low quantities at a competitive price. We have produced volumes from 10 pieces to 1 million pieces.

#4 Steel Stampings.
These steel stampings can be produced from low carbon steel, galvanized steel, medium carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass. The parts can be heat treated, tumbled, and plated after production.

#5 Split Steel Pulleys.
Split steel pulleys are an integral piece to the manufacturing process in many industries. A high-quality piece will be the difference between efficient manufacturing times and a decrease in production. Allow us to make yours!

#6 Tube Cutting. We are able to make a variety of cut to length tubes for many diverse industries. The cut to length tubes produced are typically used as rubber and plastic inserts, exhaust, bolt collars, bolt spacers or bolt sleeves. Mainly, these go to the rubber industry for anti-vibration mounts.

Our presses and tooling are maintained and operated by a staff with years of experience. In fact, the average length of employment is over 10 years; this is why you can trust our work. And now with the ease of convenience of ordering online and shipping, we make ordering and getting whatever you need simpler than ever. Whether it is twenty pieces or ten million pieces, we can work with you and get you exactly what you need.

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