High Quality Split Spacers and Bushings

Get the best split steel spacers, spacer tubes and bushings for your industry for use on conveyors, casters and other automotive, agriculture and construction applications. Valley City Metal Products Inc. produces spacers and bushings to use as bolt collars, bold spacers or bolt sleeves that provide protection and alignment for the bolts and the mating parts and can be used also to separate wheels, plates and other parts.

Valley City Metal Products Inc produces parts in a variety of materials like low carbon steel, galvanized steel, medium carbon steel, stainless steel, Aluminum and brass. They can then be heat treated, tumbled and plated after production.

Our spacer tubes and bushings are produced with stamping presses and innovative tooling designed to reduce set-up times while providing quality parts. The reduced set-up time allows us to produce low quantities at a competitive price. How competitive? The competition buys parts from us. We have produced volumes from 10 to 5 million pieces.

Our stamping presses and tooling are maintained and operated by a staff with years of experience. The average length of employment is over 10 years. Our Quality Management System is an ISO registered system maintained by an experienced professional. The measurement equipment used is maintained and calibrated at regular intervals.


Outside Diameters.240” to 2.800”
Inside Diameters.170” to 2.600”
Lengths.187” to 5.125”
Tolerances+/- .005”
QuantitiesPrototypes to Production
Secondary OperationsHeat Treating
Quality ControlISO 9001 Certified SPC (Statistical Process Control)
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